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Aequorea Victoria Release Schedule

Please note that we can't really do a perfect release schedule - so many things are new and we have few contributors. Some events on this table have been adjusted (and will be adjusted), some have been reconstructed from the past to have a complete schedule. Also, many events which don't have to do with the Aequorea release, but making the whole Tanglu project work in general (website, infrastructure, ...) are not reflected on this page.

Date Aequorea Event
14. March 2013 Tanglu distribution announced
28. April 2013 Tanglu Infrastructure usable
14. June 2013 Aequorea open for development
02. August 2013 Initial QA round completed
20. December 2013 Debian Import freeze
18. January 2014 Beta2 images built
24. January 2014 Installer testing completed
4. February 2014 Removal of all broken packages from the Aequorea suite, all transitions should be complete.
6. February 2014 3rd beta release
14. February 2014 New website completed (?), Release Candidate
18. February 2014 Final freeze, write release notes!
20. February 2014 Tanglu 1.0 (Aequorea Victoria) released!